Some movies are too tough to watch; especially those that bring down the aura that surrounds global stars. The #MeToo moment did that (and is still doing) for a few stars; even though it might be only temporarily for their careers.

And then there are those stories that have been hushed and spoken in whispers all these years; till they are laid bare. Michael Jackson and ‘child sexual abuse allegations’ are something that has been made public for over two and a half decades. There have been several allegations, a few court cases and several out of the court settlements. But till date, all of this has had minimal impact on the aura of the star; his music has been and still holds strong across all races, young and old.

But that’s changing with the recently released documentary, now being aired by HBO, of the story of two young adults in their 30s, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who detail out their childhood and the allegations in detail through this documentary. Millions have watched it in less than a week since it’s release. The Jackson estate has sued HBO for millions of dollars; but they have gone ahead with it.

It is a hard-hitting, straight-in-your-face documentary. There is no cover; there are no smoke screens. The emotions are visible on the face of the multiple protagonists; whatever “proofs” they have, it is shown across the 4 hours, 2 episode documentary in detail.

It is tough to watch it. There is nothing graphic; just a narration of things as they (allegedly) happened. But it is tough to watch. But it is necessary; whether one believes the allegations or not. In today’s extremely radicalized world, the need for having a viewpoint on a particular topic has been blown out of proportion. But then, there are some areas that need to be discussed; simply because they shape what is considered taboo; and what should not be kept behind closed doors; whether it impacts us or not.

To be honest; I have been able to see only the first episode, I simply can not find the nerve to go through the second part. And unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to any of MJ’s songs ever.

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