Pick any sport or any other industry, there’s always the talk of gender equality and maintaining a fair share of both genders. Whatever be the efforts taken, there is always going to be a gap; depending on the industry/activity we look at, the gap is going to be on one side or the other.

Long distance running events, which are more dependent on participants than the efforts of the organizers, can paint quite a different interesting picture. I have had the fortune to do several half marathons over the past 12 months across the US. Most of these races are popular events that have been running since several years or even decades!

So I looked up the stats of these events and it does put up an interesting picture!

  • These events are spread over 7 states across the east coast and mid-west
  • Some of these events have been going over the past 10 years
  • Women outrun (literally) men in each of these events!

I have played quite a few outdoor and indoor sports throughout my life. While most of them allow equal chances to men and women, the uptake across the fairer sex has not been great across all the sports.

But there seems to be a entirely different motivation factor when it comes to running – women clearly are more interested in taking up this ‘sport’ over men.

Whatever be the reasons, this is really great and I hope the situation remains the same in coming years.

Running events that I have participated over the last 12 months

Half-Marathon Race Location Date  Total Runners   Female #  Female % Male %
Winston Salem 13.1 Winston Salem, NC Oct-15 253 154 61% 39%
2015 Thanksgiving Half Marathon Atlanta, GA Nov-15 7,205 3,692 51% 49%
Rock ‘N’ Roll DC Washington, DC Mar-16 14,501 8,749 60% 40%
Rock ‘N’ Roll Raleigh Raleigh, NC Apr-16 5,117 3,091 60% 40%
One America Mini Marathon Indianapolis, IN May-16 24,821 13,477 54% 46%
Rock ‘N’ Roll Virginia Beach Virginia Beach, VA Sep-16 6,110 3,341 55% 45%
Chicago Half Marathon Chicago, IL Sep-16 8,530 5,029 59% 41%
B.A.A. Half Marathon Boston, MA Oct-16 6,205  – 50% 50%
Summary     72,742   56% 44%