I recently had a broken jaw injury. I am still undergoing treatment while I have my jaw all locked up with wires and screws to let it heal up. While I am at the end of the recuperation period, it did give me some time to ponder as the net amount of bills and insurance claims are now upon me. So here are the numbers:

  • Total Charges inclusive of ER, surgery & other services: ~$22,000
  • Total Charges after Insurance adjustments :  ~$15,000
  • Total Payments from Insurance : ~$12,000
  • Total Payments to be done by me : $3,000 (and that is because $3000 is the maximum I should pay out of pocket)

The above doesn’t include medication expenses that were borne by me, as well as dental bills I will soon incur in coming weeks once the wires and screws come out.

Coming from a family that has a fair share of doctors based out of India, and especially one cousin who deals with the kind of surgery I had, on a daily basis; I was curious to know what would have been the costs if I had the same operations and recovery done back in India. Her answer was short

  • A top-end premier chain hospital in any of the metros : ~$1,100 – $1,300
  • A smaller hospital or a local specialty clinic : $400 – $500 at max

So in retrospect, for the amount of money I pay out of my pocket for the treatment at US, I could have taken a flight back to India by BUSINESS CLASS, get my jaw treated with medical services at par with what I received out here, have a month long holiday at home (my company allows extended sick leave for medical emergencies), and return back to US with still some money in my bank account.

It’s a pity that I had to be operated immediately after the accident.

And so much for US medical healthcare.