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Strava Image

I have seen a few folks wear this t-shirt during marathons or at popular running/cycling events, and every single time I find this quote extremely amusing and it always brings a grin to my face. Trust me, it is not a joke – Strava literally makes us addicts of the app.

But never in my wildest dreams did I ever dream how ironic and true this would turn out in my life.

So, I had an accident. Shit happens. I went for a run on an extremely hot afternoon. I was stupid enough not to carry liquids on me as I was running on a paved trail and had planned the route in such a manner that I had a water fountain every two miles. But life had different plans for me; and as I reached the 2nd mile mark (and the water fountain), my dehydrated body started failing me and I lost consciousness and fell straight on my face right over the paved trail. Had I fallen towards either side, my face would have been saved by the grass. But no, I went down full frontal, with my low jaw taking the brunt of the fall.

No, that’s not what I am here to talk about. What was ridiculous and yet in a strange manner amusing, is that during the last few seconds of consciousness I had just before I fainted; my subconscious mind was able to unlock my phone, head to the Strava app and END MY RUN!


Freakin’ amazing, no! Yes, I had halted my run, stopped and saved it AND THEN fainted!!!

Retrospectively, this seems impossible. But yet it happened. I remember doing it.

Why? I have absolutely no fucking idea!

As I said, shit happens 🙂

Footnote: I ended with a broken jaw, two broken teeth and was bleeding all over the place. An ambulance had to be called for, and I was taken into ER where after a CT-scan and X-ray confirmed the broken jaw, I was operated immediately. And here I am, with a wired shut jaw (for healing) drinking out of a straw for six weeks before the wires and screws are removed from my jaw.