Recently I did a trip to NY with a friend and I convinced him to opt for an Airbnb accommodation over other hotel options.

And so we opted for a medium priced accommodation with a minimal number of positive reviews. The place had a good location, and the 10-odd reviews mostly had neutral to good views. There was one negative experience but we decided to give the host the benefit of the doubt.

And when we landed we found out the one negative experience was 100% true. And true to that previous reviewer we had a pretty bad experience, to the extent that my friend decided to look for alternate accommodation after the first night.

When I tried to reach the host, she stopped replying to my message. Since it was only a short 2 day trip, I decided to grin and bear it.

Once back, I gave a honest review to the host with appropriate (negative) feedback. Clearly, the host being aware of my negative experience; hasn’t reviewed back on me as a guest. And since the system relies on the mutual feedback,  voila!

My review isn’t visible on the house. I was not looking for any compensation, but I wanted others to know about the house condition and prevent others making the same mistake as me.

How do I go about it? No idea.

Airbnb help pages give no inputs on this situation. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or just a gap they haven’t caught yet.

Clearly they are forgetting that the guest is, if not their main customer, atleast an equally important customer as much as the hosts are. And it can happen the other way too. If I ever become a bad guest, I could very well bypass the negative review by using this loophole.


Result: I’m going definitely think twice before opting for an Airbnb option over a hotel accommodation. And my friend who could have been a new user to the portal, is definitely a lost customer for now.


Edit: @airbnbHelp replied back to my tweet a few minutes back with this response.

After 14 days your review will be posted, even if your host doesn’t post a review. Let us know if you have other questions.

I guess I just need to wait out another week to see my review posted.

Problem solved! YaY!

Giving credit where it is due – full points for Airbnb twitter customer service. Their response was fast and they answered the questions immediately.