America gives you a wide wide variety of food options – ranging from cheap food stalls & hole in the wall outlets to five Michelin star restaurants. Every city, be it a metro or a small town will have atleast one Italian, one Greek, one sushi place (Japanese), one Mexican and so on. The bigger the city, the more variety of restaurants for each cuisine you’ll find.

But none of these are actual American cuisine – the name of different cuisines itself give you the country from where they originate. So here’s the question I always pondered – what constitutes American cuisine? What has America given to the global foodie?

Burgers and fries it seems. Sugar coated cornflakes. And of course, the multitude of carbonated beverages.

Of course there is lot more to American cuisine. Look into any American household, and you’ll find a variety of food items – both meat based and vegetable based. Search for restaurants in any city across the country and you’ll find ‘American (traditional)‘, ‘Southern‘ and similar.

However you don’t find a restaurant outside the US offering these – the only ones you see are junk food that have the American tag.

So is that the only food America has given to the rest of the world? Pretty sad if that’s the case!

Disclaimer: The above post is based on my experiences and might not be completely true.