The guilt feeling that one (should, atleast subconsiously) has when s/he contributes to the bigger mess – buying that flat in an occupied area at a cheaper rate, misuse of plastics without a concern, wasting water and other resources and so on.
Baradwaj tries to put it out in his words – do give it a thought!

Baradwaj Rangan

What some of us are feeling now, it’s vague, hard to put into words. And at least part of it is a little existential. Why were we spared? You don’t think this when you hear of shootings in America or earthquakes in Nepal. You register the horror, and do what you can – sign a petition, write a cheque – and you move on. But this thing, it happened in our backyard. It could have been us. And while we still think we need to move on, there’s a little PTSD mixed in with all of it, which no amount of volunteering and cheque-writing and petition-signing can fix. America and Nepal aren’t home. Chennai is. And when we are attacked in our own homes – and when we know there’s nothing we can do about it – something’s going to get out of whack. It’s like being that one…

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