What is the true value of money? Which factors constitutes something to be deemed as within the limits?

Clearly, only the monetary value alone doesn’t decide that, even when I limit the situation to only one person’s view. Let me illustrate

  1. Within a span of a month I make two our chases – a $13,000 used car and a brand new $1,600 road bike. Both had cheaper alternatives that would have easily fulfilled my requirements; especially in case of the car I could have saved $1000-$5000 on a cheaper alternative. Yet the unanimous feedback is somehow I have gone overboard on the bike while no one questions the car purchase.
  2. A friend who asks for advice on used bike purchase refuses to look at the $200 priced options I share with him saying his budget was only $100 and he didn’t want to overspend. Yet on the same week he pushes me to join him for a weekend outing; the cost per person easily goes above $100 per person but not a single concern on that!

“Value” of money sure is an interesting concept. đŸ™‚