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Cycling Cindy

Cycling as a tourist: A route past many temple cities

Incredible India

A puppy is stuck in the sewer, a black, stinking collection of dirt. He is too weak to crawl out by itself. He is howling softly. I walk past him, as do other people, and I think ‘no one is helping this poor little puppy’. When I notice I don’t do anything either, I am just as unhelpful. So I walk over to the sewer and lift the crying puppy out of the slimy disgusting dirt. He’s so weak and underfed he will probably die soon. I was already saddened when I entered Hindupur, a super congested city where a bullock looses his balance and falls, right next to a bus full of students. The students are howling and screaming ‘madam, madam, madam’ while my eyes are fixed on the poor animal trying to get his legs stretched while a…

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