As far as I can remember about my childhood, the cycle has always been a companion to me. My school days used to be spent roaming around on my Hercules MTB without a concern about anything else. Back then the only brands I knew were BSA, Hercules & Atlas, the former being more known for its Ladybird series for the female species.

But then I got myself a 2-wheeler license and then somehow I never looked back.

Come December 2012, and I hear about a colleague selling off his Hercules gearless MTB as he was upgrading to a hybrid. With dual emotions of nostalgia about owning the same bike again, and disbelief of getting to know he was plonking 23 grand on a hybrid (IS HE NUTS??!!!), I buy the MTB from him. However the only cycling I do is for the first week, and the bike takes a back seat as I continue on my travails in my Vento.

Come December 2013, and quite a few kilos added to my already overweight body, I get the bike out and start cycling, starting from short 5 km rides in and out of Pashan.

And thankfully, 8 months later and some 3,600+ kms under the kitty, I am still able to continue on that habit till date 🙂

The bikes I own:

Hercules MTB

Rockrider 5.0

Cannondale Quick 5

I’ll be sharing details of my rides in and around Pune, Mumbai and Chennai; and hopefully wherever else I get to cycle! The format would be very simple with a few rules/aspects as listed below

  • The idea of these posts is to share my past, current & upcoming rides with as much details I can remember and find time to add!
  • The idea is to connect with other riders, and share (& receive) info about the amazing rides routes that exist around our cities. And to push cycling as a habit!
  • The same roads that we pass by in a jiffy in a car looks completely different on a bicycle as one has the time to soak in the grandeur of the surroundings.
  • I’ll be keeping a very simple format with a few pictures and basic ride details. The flow is of rides (of considerable distance) as and when they happened in the past.
  • The ‘Difficulty’ rating is as per my viewpoint, keeping in the distance, type or route, climb sections and other aspects. Consider it with a pinch of salt depending on how good a cyclist you are
  • Some of these routes have been done solo, some with friends, and a few with cycling groups (@Pune & @Mumbai)
  • Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries on the route or anything else. Also feel free to share info on rides/bikes/anything else under the sun that can be associated with cycling
  • Please click the shared Strava links in each post to get more details on the route, type of terrain, climb, etc. And don’t forget to add me if you have a profile on Strava 😛