He looked across the corridor once again, just to check no one was there in the corridor. The secrecy was very important, no-one should know who put up the post. Without a sound, he opened the noticeboard and quickly pinned up the short note.

Hello everybody! I am starting a new blog as a common forum for people to communicate with each other anonymously. Come one, come all. Let’s open up via this blog to express our views and be able to discuss and argue with each other without revealing who we are. The blog address is listed below – anyone can create a user and be able to contribute on the blog.



There, it was done. Finally! He’d been thinking about doing it for over a month now. He initially thought about putting down an annonymous name to the note – Cheers, Rahul Ramalingam. But it sounded so fake – anyone could tell there was no Rahul Ramalingam in the world, leave alone the campus. No, this way was definitely better.

F5. F5.

He refreshed the browser again, and again, expecting something new to pop up at him. Still no update. A week had passed. People definitely had seen the note – there was the Loserrrr! scribbled by one of the senior guys. Stupid idiots! Why don’t they just ignore if they are not interested. But there hadn’t been a single view on the website either. Not even one person had visited the blog? That can’t be. There must be something wrong with the site. Maybe he was not getting the updates, due to some stupid IE error. F5 again. Damn!

But, wait.

Something was up. The white background finally shot something new at him – a post! Finally!


This is Lady M. Nice to meet you.

To be continued. . .