Last night the lady and yours truly headed over to The Blue Frog for a late night gig by The Other People. It was good fun; retro music by the band, a great crowd, and some awesome dancing numbers by the band had the crowd in full tempo.

So around 2, we decide to call it a night and head out towards the parking area. As so did most of the crowd, it was quite a mess with the few valet staff trying to handle a large (more or less drunk) crowd, all impatient to get their cars. As a result, there were people who had been waiting for over 15 mins (like us) and a few lucky buggers who got their vehicles within minutes. And as a result, a few tempers did rise.

Behind us were a bunch of cute 20ish chicks, who certainly had been waiting for some time for their car. And the moment they see a valet getting freed, they pounce on him. And the Q&A starts

Cute Chick (CC): Bhaiyaa, kab sae wait kar rahe hai. Gaadi kahan hai?

Valet (V): Madam, gaadi number batao, abhi check karta hu.

CC: Mujae kaise malum! Aap ko pata hona chaiye na.

V: Um…. Madam, aapki gaadi hai.

CC: Bhaiya, baadi gaadi hai. Maroon color. Renault ki hai.

V: (Completely flustered by now) Madam, gaadi no chaiye hoga.

CC: (Getting angry) Bhaiya, maine kahan na, muje nahi malum. Ab kya mai ‘Papa’ ko raat ke do baje phone lagau kya? Aap yehi chahte ho kya?

V: … Madam, dekta hu … (scoots off the scene)

(Un)fortunately our car arrived right then and so we couldn’t get to hear the rest of the ‘wonderful’ conversation and how it fared with the ‘missing’ car!