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I prefer the outdoors than indoors. I would opt to sleep under a tree under the afternoon sun (or in the moonlight) than on a plush bed in an air-conditioned room.

I love to travel. My best choice of a life would be spending every year in a different country, even if I have to do a job of sweeping floors & cleaning toilets.

I like to go on long drives, stay as carefree as possible. If given a choice, I prefer not to make detailed plans. I prefer to make the plan on the spot.

I am a extremely moody person – a sin curve describes my mood perfectly. At times, I’ll be as happy & loud as if I have just won the lottery, and then at other times, I’d go around sulking like Achilles in his tent. (Woe to the fellow who chooses to have an argument or fight with me when I’m down!)

I love to play sports. Any sports. I turn out to be average in most of them (except cricket, I hope). I can easily ignore the weather constraints (rain or hot sun or chilly weather) or my personal health issues if I get the option to play. Till date, my most enjoyed memory has been playing football in Kerala on a rainy day in rain-water filled (till the ankles) slush-filled ground. One that gave me a strong cold for the coming week after that.

I am a group person. I hate being alone, my mind goes bonkers when I am all alone. I perform best in a crowd. I believe myself to be an extrovert.

I never have issues in getting to know new people, but I can open up only to people I know well. Most of my conversations with new people tend to have awkward gaps of silence.

I believe myself to be extremely devoted to my friends & family. I’d probably do a lot for them if the need arises. However the converse is also true – if I lose trust in anyone, I go the complete way.

I am a lazy bum. Big time. I love to be pampered. If I had a butler/servant who attends to all my needs 24X7, I’d probably live all my life eating out of his hands.

Enough of self-introspection now. Maybe I’ll give it another try again later!