As a kid, we are always asked what do you want to become when you grow older. My answer was always the same – an (train) engine driver. And as far as I can remember, for a very long time I actually wanted to become one – so much that I used to wander around those massive engines every time I traveled in a train. I would keep giving pitiful looks to the driver hoping he’d allow me to enter the engine atleast once. And you know what – I actually got the chance to travel in an engine once for over 100 kms! Damn, that was so cool!

But that story is for another blog post, another alphabet probably.


Somewhere down the memory lane, my answer to that question changed. I don’t know when that happened, but my answer changed from an engine driver to a truck driver. Somehow, without having much exposure to the world of highways, I had begun to cherish a dream of spending more time on the road. I had never met a truck driver, yet I dreamt up an exciting lifestyle, of always being on the road, visiting new cities, getting to meet a lot of new people, and be the master of your daily life, being able to stop whenever you want, wherever you want. I was too naive to understand the issues they faced. But the love for the highway was thus ingrained.


For me, the beauty of traveling on the road is best observed during the nightfall. The roads are filled with lesser souls, the cities fall silent, with the street lights giving a completely eerie but a profound view of the scenario. People always keep warning me about the dangers of night travel. And every time I try to explain the basis of my view. In response I always suggest a small experiment to them.

Try this at your place – pick any street that you traverse on a daily basis, one that you know in and out. Wait for nightfall, and travel through that same street late in the night when everyone else is fast asleep by then. You won’t be able to recognize the street that you thought you knew like the back of your hand. Trust me, you’ll actually prefer the silent version of the street and wish your daily travel would be this calm, so peaceful like at night.

That’s the beauty of night travel. And that, is my highway to heaven.