What is the one thing you knew you were born to do? Something that makes your heart go ga-ga at any time of the day, season or year.

Driving does that to me. Whether it’s a rickety old bike or a fast sedan or even a bumbling truck, I can find absolute joy in driving it. Whether it is on a highway, or within city by-lanes, be it night or day, you won’t find me complaining.

I simply just love to drive. Period.

It started out with a cycle – the simplest of vehicles made by man, and possibly the best invention that came with wheels. I loved that cycle of mine – a simple all-terrain bike with no gears. I used to roam all over the city and countryside with it; we were literally inseparable.

Till I obtained my two wheeler driving license.

I didn’t take any driving classes, driving came to me naturally. In retrospect that doesn’t seem to be the safest option, but then I was young and driving was a rare luxury available to only a few of us. Initially I had to do with my father’s relic scooter; if there was something that taught me the meaning of patience, it was that bucket of bolts and nuts with a pair of wheels. It had to be cajoled like a baby to start, and once it did, it drank gasoline like water. Still it was a big upgrade over the cycle and that’s all it mattered then.

Later as I continued with my college education, the only vehicles I had access to were public transportation. Surprisingly I passed those four years without feeling the absence of a personal vehicle.

Then began the professional life, and with it the monthly supply of $$. And with that I re-discovered the wonderful world of 2 – wheelers. Very soon a bike was purchased and it literally became an extension of my body. There was not a single day I didn’t go by without the bike. We were inseparable – like a fish that couldn’t survive outside water, I had to have the bike wherever I went. If I had to shift to a different city due to work or personal constraints, the bike came along; sometimes at an expense that would have easily got me another bike on rent. As the years passed by, people advised me to replace my ageing bike with a new one. But I didn’t budge – so much of my memories were linked with that bike, I couldn’t just let it go.

But something else did matter, a new factor came into existence that made me look away from the bike.


To be continued – under the letter ‘F’