As human beings, we love to do comparisons. Whether we derive satisfaction or disappointment out of the comparison, it’s in our genes to do it again and again. On the plus side, it helps us improvise, learning from others. However on the downside, it also makes us imitate, at the cost of the option of innovation.

The initial 25 years of my life were a peaceful lot. I had an eventful childhood, a decent college education at one of the good colleges of the country, and a 9-6 job at a reputed firm. There were no pressures in life, my career was progressing well, I had a healthy work – life balance; basically life was good!

But then I learnt the habit of comparing my situation with my peers – comparing how they are performing in their professional life, on what are they up to; and worst of all – how am I faring in comparison with them. Time and time I have observed that my best performance in my day-to-day activities is when I choose to ignore what others are doing and concentrate solely on my work. And I believe I would not be far from the truth if I consider this to be true for everybody else. But then is that the only way out I wonder.

Only time will tell.