One of my previous manager is known for giving a lot of “gyan” at the start of the year just before the appraisals are done. So having heard he had raised the request (read: ordered) for the team to assemble for discussing the roadmap for 2013, I was after my colleagues to give me the gist of the message passed on this year. And boy, I wasn’t disappointed!

  1. Thou shall be evaluated not on utilization, but on quality of work
  2. Thou shall seek onsite, but not covet it
  3. Thou shall be ready to travel anywhere from current location if asked to do so, and keep personal constraints to a minimum
  4. Thou must, if promoted, be expected to perform right from the date of promotion as your salary also increases from that day
  5. Thou must, in addition to current engagement, be involved in preparing collaterals/thought leadership articles, which can be used to showcase our expertise (read: we will put our name as the lead authors)
  6. Thou shall not seek client appreciation unless absolutely certain of a good feedback, it may backfire (for us when we ask for the same)!!
  7. Thou are responsible to get allocated as soon as released from one project
  8. Thou shall always fill up EPR (official document providing summary of the project for knowledge management) once released from any project (so that we don’t have to do the same)
  9. Thou shall accept the rating without questions, but thou can choose to protest (at your own risk & our mercy)
  10. Thou shall remember that the above rules do not apply to us!


P.s. I’m not kidding. This is not BS. This is more or less what he spoke in the meeting!