Date 23/06/2011

Time 11:20 p.m.

Mobile Network : Airtel

I try making a few calls, my outgoing services are barred. I ask my roomie to give me a call; my number is not reachable. What-do-you-know, after everything, maybe Airtel have finally allowed me to port out of their network to Idea. I quickly switch over to the Idea sim and start the phone. I make a few calls and everything’s working fine.


Time 11.50 p.m.

I go onto the Idea website to create a login for my number. The website throws an error to me “The number you have entered is an non-Idea number.” Well, it wasn’t wrong. So, I then dial the Idea customer care. After the customary automated menu options, I finally reach the ubiquitous (and unfortunately again, ubiquitous-ly useless) executive.

Ex: Good Evening sir, How may I assist you?

Me : Yes, my name is blah blah blah … Airtel sim not working …  ported to Idea … not able to create my login id.

Ex : Oh yes sir, you see you haven’t yet completely ported out from Airtel, that’s why the system does not recognize your number.

Me : Eh? Say what?

Ex : Yes sir, you will have to contact Airtel customer care to resolve this issue.

Me : You want me to call the Airtel customer care from an Idea number?

Ex : Oh no sir, please call them from your Airtel sim.

Me : But I just told you, my outgoing and incoming services have been barred on the Airtel sim. I can’t make any calls from them.

Ex : Oh no sir, you must be wrong. You can’t make the call from your Idea sim, we haven’t yet activated your services.

Me : Err… I am making this call from the Idea sim, you do know that, right?

Ex : Ahhhh…. Sir, I meant you won’t be able to make normal calls. Customer care would be accessible.

Me : Before calling you, I made a few STD calls. It was working perfectly fine.

Ex : Sir, actually our system is a bit slow so maybe that’s why your details haven’t been updated here yet.

Me : Awesome. Ok. I’ll give you a call tomorrow then. Hope everything would have been cleared by then.

Ex : Definitely sir. Is there anything else I may assist you?

Me : Is there anything you have about me in your system that you can help me with regarding my connection?

Ex : Err, no sir, since you know that the system …

Me : Thanks. Bye.


I wonder why I ported.