Meeting any of my married engineering or school (or mba) batch-mates always makes me feel kinda lost. Especially the ones who have passed on to the next big stage of their life – kids! Man, kids, already??!! Are they nuts? Or am I the odd one out?

Earlier when they started getting married, I used to blame it on them. Woh Maadu (Marwari) hai – unke family mae jaldi shaadi hoti hai. Or at times I just kept a sarcastic view. Woh toh frustrated insaan tha. Life mae laundiya pata nahi paya, toh shaadi kar li. But still it was marriage, acceptable by all means.

But kids?!!! That’s a different zone. New responsibilities. Completely different lifestyles. I can’t even picture myself in their shoes. It scares the hell out of me putting myself in their place. The closest I can relate – is having a dog or a cat at most.

I’m 28, soon to be 29. And I am still not ready for a marriage, forget kids. But all around me, while I see most of my close friends including 21-22 year olds getting married, I do hope they keep a good amount of time before they start thinking about kids. Else I’ll have to start working on another role – Ninja uncle 🙂