Well, I finally got to see the movie. As a kid spending his years in two different parts of the country, my movies used to alternate between Hindi, Tamil & English. But as a unwritten rule, I always got to see all Big B hits as the local theater always aired them. Except Agneepath – my mom decided that it had too much violence!

Childhood passed on to teens, then came college, and then work. Even then this movie always eluded me. Finally thanks to Star Gold, after a marathon period of 6+ hours – 3 hours of the movie, 3+ hours of ads in-between, finally this one too was ticked off the list.

One actor of that era that I greatly miss in today’s movies is Danny Denzongpa. Amazing versatile actor – a man of the level of Amrish Puri or Amjad Khan – although I wonder how many people remember this guy. It’s a pity we hardly remember villains as much as we do heroes. A few decades later, I guess people would only remember the characters Mogambo or Gabbar, not the actors behind the characters.