I feel lost. Everyday I wake up wondering if this is what I bargained for, is this what I had looked forward to. I have more or less lost touch with most of what I loved to do. I hardly even find time to post on this blog. Forget treks and trips, I hardly even go out and roam in the city nowdays.

Prior to my management education, I had a life. I might not be getting in business worth crores for my company, there was very 0.0001% probability that the CEO of the company had even heard about me, forget knowing me. Office meant breakfast, lunch and numerous small coffee breaks with friends, sitting in the cafeteria, laughing at jokes and checking out the few chicks in the office campus. Yes, we also did the work, but there was a time, when I used to look forward to going to office. Weekends were meant for my personal activities, to catch on with other friends. Yes, I had a life.

Now I don’t know what to do. I am lost. Completely lost. Even if I get time once in a while, I don’t know where to start. Yes, I have money with me now. But seriously if somebody could tell me how to buy my earlier lifestyle, I would gladly do so.

If somebody has a solution to this, please please tell me.