The latest show of the The Great Indian Laughter Challenge; i.e. the 6th ODI match between the Indian team and the Aussies. The actors obviously are the Indian cricketers while the Aussies being the audience are laughing away to glory. Simply because they are not having to do anything to get the wickets, the Indians are themselves gifting the wickets away!

But what I find more idiotic is the 20,000 odd strong crowd sitting out in the hot sun, still watching the debacle. The current score stands at 75 for the loss of 7 wickets, the most recent wicket being that of Bhajjie. But still not a single person has decided to leave the match and get on with his life. Every one of them is still sitting out in the stadium, watching the idiotic match. Why you would ask. The easiest answer would be hope – Indians are cricket crazy people, and they’ll still be hoping for a miracle, probably expecting the tailenders to get to a decent score.

I disagree. Its not only just hope. Its also money. If someone gave an option to the people to get back some part of their ticket value by leaving now itself, I can guarantee 90% of the stadium crowd will take the option and leave. It’s all about “lemme atleast get the most of what I have spent” attitude of us Indians. This isn’t only about cricket. Let me give another example. Two weeks back I had been to an utterly hopeless movie, “All the Best” wrongly trusting online reviews suggesting the movie to be an excellent comedy movie. I should have got an idea then itself when I noticed that the theatre was less than half filled, even though it was less than a week since the movie was released. 10 minutes into the movie, and I was already fidgeting in my seat. Half an hour later, I couldn’t stand the pathetic “comedy” scenes. Thankfully my friend also agreed with me on the same, and we decided to make a quick exit. What surprised me that the rest of the audience preferred to sit it out. The same monetary aspect acting here of course.

When will we get out of this attitude? By moving out, I had two hours to spend on better things than sitting in a movie hall watching a utterly crap movie. On a parallel note, today I get the entire day to do stuff other than sit in front of the tv hoping for a miracle. I only hope the 20,000 odd people sitting in the heat in the Guwahati stadium figure out the same.