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In the past few months I have been living in 4 different cities – Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and now Mumbai. In every city, there hasn’t been a single day I haven’t cribbed about the woes of living in that particular city. I have always found faults with each and every one of them. In Kolkata, it was the stuffiness, the unclean environment. In Chennai, it was the humidity and heat. In Bangalore it was the traffic. And in Mumbai, it was a mixture of all three! I woe for a perfect city; one that I doubt I’ll ever find in the entire country.

Till I saw this set of pictures. Its taken by Charles, an XLRI exchange student from France, and he’s taken some really amazing shots, shots that I cannot describe. Most of them are of daily happenings, you and me, we walk past them and ignore it. Thankfully Charles didn’t.

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Sometimes we need to look at ourselves, from a third person’s view. Someone who doesn’t know us, who has almost no connection with us and let him give his view point about our life. Trust me, it’ll open your eyes to things about you that you didn’t know at all. What you have that others don’t; what people admire you for (or hate you for), the small things that you should cherish more.

I hope you can see the pics. If not, please get back to me, I’ll make sure I can make the pics available to one and all.