A few years back there used to be a show on [V] where two veejays used to travel across the entire country with minimum cash in their pockets, living on the road, and trying to make ends meet by getting people to give freebies just for the camera. A lot of my friends found it gross. I loved it. To me travelling by the cheapest means is a completely different experience. If you don’t believe me, try travelling by one of those run-down state transport buses. Just make sure you ain’t one of those dandy high class idiots who swear never to travel by anything else other than 2Tier AC and non-low cost airlines. If you’r one of these, I ain’t talking to you.

I always wanted to go for a pan-India trip for a long time. How, from where to where, by what means – all that didn’t matter. Maybe I would do it using public means. Or on my bike. Or sneak away my dad’s car! How, it didn’t matter. What mattered that I had to do it.

Earlier during my infy days, I had planned to do it once I cleared any of the management colleges. But Murphy had other plans for me. When XL got confirmed, my boss made sure that I worked till the last day before my joining date to XL throwing away any chances of me making such a trip.

So then I postponed it for post-XL, during the gap between convocation and joining date of my future employment. But this time, recession had different plans for me! Again my plans were foiled.

And now I have my opportunity. I am without a job, but free. But now its up to me to decide whether I should spend the next few days searching for a job, or should I take the luxury of ignoring it all and go on this trip?

Can’t decide. And it’s killing me! Feel free to advice me!