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Bullock CartThe other day I was travelling from Fort to Chembur through the harbour route on my bike when I saw a line of bullock carts pulling tankers of petrol (500 litres). In a age when we are moving to dedicated frieght railway lines and cargo flyers, it was quite amusing to see this mode of transportation being used by the petrol companies. In this case, the tankers were of HPCL.

On inquiry, the guy mentioned that he does this two times in a day, from Sewri to Ghatkopar. And there are around 50-100 such bullock carts doing the daily activity. But why does HPCL use these guys? They obviously can’t be a cheap option, it would make more sense to use a few tankers to do the job; a more faster, more reliable option. According to this article, transportation by bullock carts was supposed to be phased out by March of this year. Seems like no one informed these guys.

Could it be a CSR activity? Providing livilihood to these 50 odd guys could be a plausible reason to still stick on to this mode of transporting fuel. But I do wonder if the management cadre in HP are still aware of this mode of transport being used by their organisation.