The first marketing jargon every mba grad learns is STP – Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning. Ask what is it – you’ll get the same old fmcg based examples, the typical textbook answers. Ask them to apply it to a real life situation – you’ll get a blank face.

I was no better.

Till I decided to go to Toto’s Garage this Saturday, a well known hot & happening pub in Bandra to hang out with clubhouse junta. Well known, famous pub you would say? Apparently the common man in Bandra didn’t know that. Generally the best person to ask directions in Mumbai is the autowallah. But pub-goers don’t seem to be the clientele of local autowallahs it seems. I had probably asked over 5 autos for direction, all gave blank responses. Some even had the courtesy to suggest other garages nearby, the ones they probably used to get their autos repaired.

Then it all came back to me.

STP – Identify what should be the kind of people that would be hanging out at a pub and target them.

Not the aunty walking close by with 2 kids in tow.

Not the local traffic policeman at the corner.

And certainly not the local autowallahs.

See, now you are getting it, right!. Same was the feeling I had on the road in the middle of all that noisy traffic. It was as if a bulb just went on over my head.

Young guys. Hot chicks in mini skirts (ok, normal skirts bhi chalegi :P) – they should be my target segment!

I scanned my surroundings for the same. Unfortunately the only “hot chicks” were the the chicken tandoori dishes being served in the hotel in front of me.

Finally found a few guys of my age around the corner. Asked for directions. Got the exact co-ordinates instantly. The guy wouldn’t have been able to give his own home address so promptly. Reached the place in less than 5 mins. Touched Pingu’s feet (imaginary) for his gyanny sessions.