Yesterday one of my colleague from XL got a call from a consultancy service for a job opening as Center Manager at IMS Mumbai.

The conversation was something like this –

Consultant (C)

Colleague (Xler)

Note: My friend wasn’t really interested in this role, but she decided to humor the consultant, as she had literally nothing else to do!

C: Hi, we have an opening as center manager for one of the branches of IMS India at Mumbai. The role is …blah blah blah… Now can I ask what is your profile?

Xler: I have done my management from XLRI, I have worked at … etc etc …

C: Uhhh… okk, so you are not from IIM then. I’m sorry, but we are looking at candidates from only the premium B-schools such as IIMs.

Xler: Let me inform you that XLRI is as good as any IIM, infact according to most B-School surveys, after IIM A, B, C; XLRI ranks as the next best B-school. The other 3 IIMs are not even close to that rank.

C: No, I’m sorry, but if you are not from an IIM, any IIM, then we can’t forward your profile to the client.

Xler: What do you mean only IIM? What about ISB? What about FMS?  There are so many colleges, that are if not better, atleast equivalent to the lower 3 IIMs!

C: No, you see, we have got strict instructions from our client, IMS. They want premium bscool students only from IIMs. They have mentioned this as a strict regulation, we cannot look at any other colleges. I’m sorry but I can’t go against the client’s orders.

At this point my friend is lost for words. IMS is considered one of the top education service providers in the country helping thousandas of MBA aspirants to realize their dreams. They are supposed to have over 30 years of experience in this domain. Most MBA aspirants get the understanding of different B-schools, and how to choose among the lot from these coaching classes only. And if these coaching institutes themselves are having this kind of mindset, then god help us!

Disclaimer: This post is not to glorify XLRI or throw mud at any other B-school. But I atleast expect coaching classes to have an open mindset when it comes to differentiating between B-schools!