In all the hype and hoopala about the H1N1 virus and the deaths caused by swine flu, two sets of groups would be thanking the dear lord for bringing the disease to Indian shores. No points for guessing, the first group would be doctors, hospitals and the pharma companies. Not only the medicines and kits for swine flu specifically, but sales of simple paracetamol tablets would have definitely surged with each and every tom dick and harry running off to the local doc or the nearest hospital to check for flu for even a simple case of headache or mild cold/cough.

The second group would be kids. Honestly I would have loved it if I had been in school during this period. Schools closed away for over a week, it would have been equivalent to a vacation. I remember as a kid in primary school, we once experienced floods in Gujarat. The entire city of Baroda was in deep waters thanks to the river Vishwamitri passing through the city. I would sit in my verandah and make paper boats and see them float around in the water logged roads. Getting milk, and other necessities might have been a pain for my parents wading through the dirty waters worrying about snakes and other insects in the water, but for me I just loved it. Thankfully the waters receded the next day, but since then I had always been wishing for a flood every time it rained in Baroda!

Same would have been if I had been in school now. Ok, not being allowed to go outside and meet friends, getting lectures on to wash my hands every time I met someone would have been a bit of a sore point. But simply getting holidays from school other than Sundays and national holidays, that’s every kid’s dream!

I only wish something similar happened for offices! *Sigh*