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Times have definitely changed.

As a kid going to school, weekends meant cartoons. A possible Amitabh Bachchan movie running in your local theatre. A definite trip to the city zoo and gardens. Loads of cricket, swimming, and numerous other activities. Possibly a boring visit to family friends with the only gleam of hope being they’ll offer ice cream or atleast Rasna. Most important, no homework at all.

Then came college. Living in a hostel, the concept of weekends entirely disappeared except for the fact of having no classes in the two days. But then who attended regular classes anyway. Weekends mainly meant loitering around the campus doing nothing. The studious ones probably spent most of the time finishing assignments, visiting libraries and the college computer center to finish up work. The local guys genearlly headed off to their homes with empty promises of getting back loads of goodies. Weekends meant watching ย movies, multiplayer games and other sitcoms on the comps (then we didn’t have laptops! ๐Ÿ™‚) and possibly a trip to the city if any of us had the cash with us.

Then arrived the corporate world. We were no longer students anymore, we were engineers! Mondays! We started hating that word like never before! There were a few who had to even slog it out on the weekends, but they were a few only. For the vast majority, weekend meant lazing it out on the bed. Living as bachelors in poorly furnished rented out houses, weekends meant sleeping off till noon and then heading out to the nearest joints to have brunch. For the few film buffs among us weekends meant multiplexes. Head there early in the afternoon, book a ticket for the evening show, and loiter around the multiplex all afternoon doing best what single stags do the best ๐Ÿ˜‰ If the crowd is less, then head off to the popular streets (M.G. Road – every city has one!) to continue doing the same out there.

Moving ahead other options open up for me. Outdoor trips. Single overnight treks, or the ones that last two entire days, weekends started meaning a lot more to me. Possibly a bike trip to the hills or the Konkan coastline. Arbit highway road trips in the night. Late night trips to 24hour coffee shops. And much more!

Now as a management graduate, it’s a completely different ball game. Officially you have these two days free for yourselves. Bullshit. Saturdays mean finishing off tasks that were left undone in the week. Sundays (especially the later half) means preparing what you are going to do the coming week. You start yearning for more than two days. Move over TGIF, OSIAS (Oh Shit! Its already Sunday!) becomes a more relevant term! You start searching the calendar for three day weekends, you yearn for holidays. Falling sick or feigning sickness is of no use, your manager gives you the day off but asks you to constantly keep in touch through mails and phones – in short, you still have to work. More than an entertainment option, pubs and movie theatres become important places where you can ignore your work aspects completely.

And they say I’m going places. Yea, for sure.