This post is more of a repository for personal reasons.

Trips I have done on a bike or a car

  • [Car] Pune to Bangalore – We leave Friday evening from Pune in a Santro, three of us. Stopover is at Kolhapur. We leave next day early morning and finally reach Bangalore in the night.
  • [Bike] Pune to Lohegad – We head off on the old highway in the rain to climb the twin forts. Almost died on the return trip as we were dead tired and could hardly drive back!
  • [Bike] Pune to Harihareshwar – 3 bikes, 6 bikers. We leave early morning, crossing over NH17 (Bombay-Goa Highway) at Mangaon. Return trip in the night at a constant speed of 60+ over the ghats
  • [Car+Bike] Pune to Goa – One M800, one Unicorn – Route taken was through Pune-Bangalore Highway, taking the diversion through Belgaum. Probably the most awesomest trip I ever did so far.
  • [Car] Pune to Goa (a year later) – One M800 – Route taken this time through Mumbai – Goa NH17 Highway. Beautiful route through the Western Ghats.
  • [Car] Pune to Mumbai – Nothing much, just one of the umpteen trips but this time in our own car. Beats any volvo bus anytime.
  • [Bike] Pune to Alibaug – 3 Bikes, 6 bikers – We head off to the AIPGM (All India PG Meet). Got completely drenched on the return trip in heavy rains, a complete contrast to the onward journey when it was hot like hell!
  • I head off to XLRI, my bike follows me a week later!
  • [Bike] Dimna Lake Trip – Short trip to the dam on the outskirts of the city
  • [Bike] Ghatshila Trip – Short trip to the adjacent district of Jamshedpur
  • [Bike] Chandil Dam Trip – An awesome 15 bike trip to the dam towards Ranchi city in the rains.
  • [Bike] Dalma Top Trip – A trip that technically was a failed trip, thanks to the heavy slush on the road! But we did it again later!
  • [Bike] Mukutmanipur Dam Trip – This dam is a top picnic spot in West Bengal, close to the border of Jharkhand. Nothing spectacular about the dam, but the ride on the top of 5km long strech of dam was definitely worth it
  • [Car] Manali to Leh – Three Qualis – Two days of travelling in the Himalayas – nothing could describe the beauty around us. My only remorse – I didn’t drive. But took up a bike on rent in Leh for a day, travelled around 250kms in and around Leh. Definitely will be back to do the Leh trip on a two wheeler.
  • [Bike] Chennai to Bangalore – 6 hours straight drive. Most of the road was a 4/6 lane highway. Quite boring doing it all alone.

As of now these are only the trips in which I travelled/drove. 🙂

Some day I’ll make an exhaustive list of all trips made on car/bike/bus/train/flight.