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How does a hard-core biker live in a city that forces people to use public transport in all possible ways? Hard-core biker, yea, that’s me. I kinda define a hard-core biker as a fella that takes out his bike to even get eggs from the next block local store. Come to think about it, you can call him a lazy bum too. But hard-core biker sounds cool! 😉

Mumbai, that’s the city we are talking about. The city that fights me in every possible manner whenever I take out my bike. If it ain’t the rain, then the heat would kill you. Not to forget the humidity. And the traffic! I could have got myself a TVS luna, I would be still attaining the current top speeds.

I live kinda close to the Eastern express highway. Express highway, my foot. Day after day, one consistent scene I see out of my window is traffic jams. What’s the point of having an express highway if you have numerous traffic signals all over it?

And no wonder when I say to people that I use my bike for travelling, they give me the Is-he-nuts-look. Rakhi Sawant getting an oscar for her acting in the swayamvar wouldn’t have raised such a response from these junta.

But on the other hand, biking in the night feels like heaven. Seriously if you want to see Bombay, roam through the empty roads in the night. Marine drive, bandra coastline, the express highways – try any of them, you’ll love it.  Of course, barring the few policemen on the roads who would check you for drunkeness and a host of other reasons(and probably lessen your purse by a few bucks).

One such ride after a tiring week, and I’m back in business. And so is the biker in me.