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Yesterday I was at an Irani cafe, Kooler’s, Matunga. This joint is frequented by the local college junta who almost spend the entire day sitting out here doing nothing. Yesterday was no different with a bunch of kids sitting outside on the steps of the shop happily chatting and giggling away lost in their own world while the rest of the crowd around them was ย running after meaningless things. I was one of them, one among the millions in the rest of the crowd.

And what was funny was I could not think of one plausible reason for what I was doing then while these kids were probably spending their time the best way possible. They were happy, without a care in the world, among friends completely enjoying themselves. They probably had a few bucks to spend for the entire day spending it carefully on the cigarretes and chai but yet they were content with it.

And me, with my big MBA degree, running after bigshot clients the entire day, with a 6 figure salary having probably more cash in my pocket than the entire bunch of them put together, could not savour the bliss they were experiencing.

Makes me think what’s the reason? Why? Here I’m living this text-book life, but its not mine. I do not own it, not even a bit of it. Where I go during the week, what I do, how I do – my company decides it. My boss decides it. The city shows me the alternatives, I do not make my own road. I choose one of the alternatives, and I have to be content with it.

I try to break free, and I get chained up even more by my company. I think of breaking free from this life, and I get chained up by the society. It questions me, what would you do then? how would you support yourself? Think of your career, your future life.

And I shut up.

That’s life for you folks.