I guess everybody has a few of their own. As for me, the following are the ones I can remember for now

  • I’m horrible at window shopping. I can’t stand going into a shop knowing in advance that I’m not going to buy anything. In fact if I am ever in such a condition, I’ll purposely buy something on the spot just to feel better.
  • I hate giving tips in small amount. Say in a restaurant you spend around 10-20 Rs. Most of my friends would keep the change (coins) as tip. I on the other hand would either make up arbit reasons to not put any money (e.g. they already charge us tax!) or to leave a big tip (e.g. Hey, in US some restaurants charge 25% of the bill as tip, we should learn from them!)
  • I can’t stand making purchases for small amount. For instance, there was this incident when I found myself in a supermarket looking for coriander(Why coriander? don’t ask!) The bunch I picked up, its cost came to 2Rs. Now how could I make a bill for 2Rs in a supermarket where the average bill ranged in hundreds?!!! So I pick up a few stuff for some 30-40Rs and then head for the exit. All for 2Rs corriander.
  • I keep changing my “roots” depending on the person in front of me. At times, I say I’m a Tamilian. At times a Gujarati. Sometimes I let them think that I’m Marathi (u see Prabhakar sounds Marathi 😀). And once in a while, I tell them the truth.
  • I love biking. I also love driving any 4 wheeler. Heck, if I had the opportunity, I’d even drive a truck or a bus! I enjoy any kind of outdoor sports. I love travelling, and all kinds of outdoor activity. People tell me I’m highly energetic and stuff. But in reality, I am a slob, a big time lazy bum. I can sleep at any time, at any place in any position for any amount of time. I even have slept standing in a crowded local (for a short while, after all, its Mumbai!). Whenever I go to my home town, I just disappear from all social networks, lazily spending my hours in front of the TV, the computer and on the bed.