I loved staying out in the rains as a kid, getting completely drenched and then catching cold for the next two weeks. I still continue to do the same. Just that instead of playing, I go out on bike rides speeding over the empty roads. The feeling is amazing, at speeds of 60+, the drops sting your face like mosquitoes, but in a nice kind of way that makes you want more of it. Be it any city, a metro like Bangalore or a Tier2 city like Jampot, the traffic generally disappears off the road once the rain starts pouring. You feel as if the road’s been emptied just for you, and for you alone. And the concrete jungle just seems to melt away in the rain, and the city looks fresh and all clean.

But not the city of Mumbai. Here rains means only one thing – chaos. You feel as if this is the first time the city’s experiencing heavy rains; all over the place you’ll find half dug up roads and unfinished flyovers, clogged up drains, and traffic. Huge traffic. You get the feeling as if everyone kept on waiting for the rain to start, and then they took out their car for a drive. Signals get clogged up with all kinds of vehicles. The inner lanes & bylanes become swimming pools, with garbage floating around here and there. Now and then, one of the three local (EMU) lines closes down due to some waterlogging problem, generally the harbour lines being the most frequent of the three. It just becomes one big mess.

Grow up Mumbai. Learn from your past.