*Warning – Spoilers about the movie Terminator Salvation in this post*

Hollywood seems to be going the Bollywood way – down. Probably only thing missing is a few love songs in the rain and the role of the hero’s sister (who ultimately gets… ahem… “killed” by the villain after a few shady activities). The latest movie to hit the multiplexes, Terminator Salvation seems no worse off than a Bollywood flick. Big names, big starcast, huge action scenes, hi-tech gadgets, and after all that, a pathetic storyline.

Man, what’s wrong with these guys? Isn’t 4 of a series enough for them? I certainly expected a lot more of this movie, especially since the previous one cut such a sorry figure. Check this out. They bring in a new character, a mixture of man and machine, coolio. That’s nice. In the first half, Bale keeps on refering to the guy who is later sent to the past to save Sarah Conner, and the story goes on in that direction. Then suddenly the new guy comes into the picture – all hell breaks lose. Doubts are raised about his loyalty and both machines and man try to hunt him down, turn by turn.  On the way, he even gets to save a chick and all. Voila! Who cares about the original series!

Finally in the latter half when the director finally remembers that this movie is part of a series, Bale & the new guy are off to the machine city. Strangely except for a huge sentinel robot and a naked Arnie, there’s hardly any security to be seen around in Skynet but still Bale gets wounded. And in the end, just to continue the series (Bale still has to send his father back to the past, remember?) the new guy offers to give his heart to save Bale’s life. And voila, the movie’s over, with the new guy giving up his life (??!!! Hello! Ain’t he a robot!?) in a Kal Ho na Ho type scene filled with a sobbing girlfriend and other well wishers, I guess the diro forgot to include a weeping mother in the scene.

And guess what? There’s more to come. Apparently in a ending story line, these guys thankfully inform us that Skynet is just one of the cities of the machine, and there’s more to come. (Oh yea, probably the machines had outsourced their factories to cheaper locations like India & China – and that’s where is the bulk of their machines)

My rating : 2 out of 5!