To all my acquaintances on Twitter/Gmail/Facebook/Orkut/etc

In an era of internet touching at almost every point of your life, online advertising is turning out to be more and more of a headache rather than a service. But when your acquaintance(s) start aggressively pushing their services/blogs/websites details innumerable times a day through all possible means, it is really a bit too much.

Seriously, just go through the various social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, etc) and check up the notifications – you’ll definitely find some acquaitance of yours actively (to put it passively) advertising his sites multiple times a day. 

Ok. The website/blog/service might be really good and worthwhile visiting. But then if that is the case, why worry? Give it time, people will find it out. For e.g. take the case of the FakeIPLPlayer Blog. Word of mouth was more than enough to generate fans and readers of the blog.

My dear fellow bloggers/twitters/orkuters, if you are one such person who uses the social sites as an advertising board, kindly take this post with a pinch of salt, and please do the needful.

P.s. Ironically, I’ll be doing the same to push for this post. But once only.