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One more week passes by, one more weekend beckons. Come this Friday, a new set of movies are going to be released across the world, and once again we’ll be missing the releases in India thanks to the on-going spat between multiplex owners and the distributors. You would wish it didn’t happen, that they would come up with an agreement or just pull it off, wouldn’t ya?

 I disagree.

I must be one of the very few who would be for the dispute to go on. Why? For that you need to understand the reason behind the dispute. On one side are the distributors and film producers (United Producers’ Forum), who are demanding a 50-50 division; while on the other hand the multiplex owners want a performance based model. And for once I agree with them.

 For that we need to have an outlook at Indian Cinema – Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and all the various other woods. Pick any one, atleast 50% of the movies are worthless movies, either an outlet for black money or to just promote some bigshot’s son/daughter. A good number of these shitty movies even have excellent names in the cast. Almost every movie that gets released today knows how to market itself in the trailers. The movie rights are sold to all the theatres across the country at decent rates; overseas & music rights being another parallel source of income. And eventually when the movie releases, and when the actual quality of the movie gets known to one and all, who is the loser?

You. Me. The common man.

 But consider a performance based model. The possibilities are endless.  For starters, we could have different ticket rates, based on the reviews of the movies. The varying amount of revenues generated as per the quality of the movies would eventually start pinching the producers and the rest of the team in some way or other. This would lead to more importance being given to the script, the direction and other details.

 I know I’m dreaming out here. In the eventuality that the multiplex owners win, it could simply just mean better profits for them (at the cost of the distributors/producers), while the situation for the rest of us remains the same.

 But atleast this would be a start in the right direction.

Plus I still get to save money this weekend in the absence of a movie to watch 😛