Hats off to the commentators at IPL. Move over Charu Sharma. Move over Yashpal Sharma. With Rameez Raja leading the way, IPL 2009’s commentary teams beats them all! If Sandy Babe’s (for people ignorant about fakeiplplayer, it’s Mandira Bedi we’r talking about) commentary last year had to be sidelined by her meaty wardrobe, I doubt anything similar could be done for these guys this year!

Check out Ramiz Raja’s “insightful” comments (Courtesy – Cricinfo)

“The IPL has been extremely well received in the IPL.”

Ramiz Raja ascends the summit of commentary, where no Benaud has ever gone before

“The crowds have come to know about the match situation.”

Ramiz Raja delivers a piercing insight after the scores are level at the end of the second innings in the first semi-final

“It’s the other one, just like the other one.”

This time, even Ramiz Raja doesn’t know what he is talking about

“Amit Mishra can spin the ball.”

Ramiz Raja makes a shocking revelation

“If we have a Super Over then super things can happen.”

Ramiz Raja captivates the five-year-olds who form an important part of his audience with some cunning wordplay

“While Hodge seems pretty clear about what to do… his mind uncluttered… it’s a hodge-podge from Albie Morkel”

Ramiz Raja unearths the link between two players on opposing sides

“Chase, chase and the ball wins the race… RP Singh falls on his face.”

Ramiz Raja discovers a talent for doggerel and lets the world know

“This over has been full of action. All this action is sponsored by [pause] our sponsors.”

Ramiz Raja knows just who is at the bottom of what you see on your screens

“Farveez Maharoof is busy doing nothing.”

Ever the diplomat, Ramiz Raja, while interviewing Maharoof, doesn’t put too fine a point on the fact that he hasn’t played a game in the tournament so far

As for the others, well, they could only try. And they did. 

“It’s not going to be easy. Because it’s going to be hard.”

Set Max presenter Samir Kochchar offers a watertight argument

Virat Coolie… he’s just so cool.”

You’d think after 59 days Danny Morrison would have lost his talent for wretched rhymes. Evidently not

“When you can’t succeed with the orthodox, try the unorthodox.”

Alistair Campbell stumbles upon an eternal truth of batting, and indeed life itself

“Two overs remaining. That’s 12 balls, folks.”

Alistair Campbell joins the dots for the segment of the audience who thought they were watching the Superbowl

“Herschelle Gibbs is an opener, he has to score runs.”

Saba Karim has a eureka moment and lets everyone know

“Superman’s here tonight as well.” “…He took that catch flying like Batman.”

Ever mindful of potential comedy-tag-team opportunities, Ravi Shastri chips in with a witty description of a Suresh Raina catch immediately after Alistair Campbell remarked on a spectator in fancy dress

“Shades of that triple-hundred from Chennai a few years ago.”

Danny Morrison provides a fine illustration of the phrase “jumping the gun” as soon as Virender Sehwag hits his first ball of the innings against Deccan Chargers. Sehwag was dismissed for 20

Probably by next year, on the lines of the Fair Play Awards, we could have an “Insightful Commentary Awards” or something of that sort. For this year, its Ramiz Raja all the way!