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Lady luck definitely has a weird sense of humor. Or maybe that day she was in the mood of cracking April fool jokes.

Imagine this situation. Scene  – Aundh, Pune. I’m about to catch a volvo for Borivili. My seat number 40, on the secondlast row. That was the only window seat available, you see. I board the bus, (and not for the last time) with a bit of hope; the hope that every guy, be it a teenager or an aging bald father of 2 kids, cherishes everytime he gets on a bus or a train. That the person sitting next to him turns out to be a hot chick.

For the fairer sex – Trust me, ask the next guy you meet; everytime he is about to board a train, first thing he’ll check on the chart is if there are any females in his compartment, and if there are, her age. Same is the case for a bus or a flight.

For me, the volvo ride is the ultimate source of hope. Chicks are always to be found on a Mumbai-Pune volvo, and generally alone! 😀 Of course, its an another thing that she’ll always be on her phone throughout the journey “jaan, kab pahunchegi ye bus… tum aa rahe ho na muje pickup karne…” And every time I’ll be hoping against hope, wishing somehow Mr.Jaan doesn’t turn up at the stop.

Coming back to the current situation, my adjacent seat was still empty, keeping alive my hopes. And voila! My wildest dream comes true. There she is, standing in front of me. Her seat number – 39. She gives me a smile and settles down in the adjacent seat. Yahooo! 😀 I get goosepimples, every nerve of my body is tingling with pleasure, my mind has gone bonkers. I just noticed that subconciously I had already typed out the info in a sms to my friends gloating about my good luck. Who cares if she had already plugged in her ipod ignoring me and the world around. I had to tell everyone.

And then he enters the scene. The villain. The @#$#@%#@#@$ conductor. “Madam, idhar front mae eak ladies seat khali hai. Agar aapko shift karna hai toh karlo

Mastercard could have made an ad of the situation –

Price of Volvo ticket – 300Rs.

Tip reqd to get a seat change – 20Rs.

Shocked look on ninja’s face – Priceless.