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Had to put this up.

Was reading horrini’s 😉 post “The Sunscreen Song for XL”

One of her statements was – “Grades don’t matter

My instant reaction was – lol

Next thought – finding parallel examples 😀

  • This is like srini telling me to stop fraxing and study like hell before midterms/endterms
  • This is like shabbo shouting at me for cracking a pj
  • This is like akhil advising me to stop drinking
  • This is like souvik telling me not to do ACP in class
  • This is like one of the 5th term profs 😉 asking me to not use sex-related examples in my statements
  • This is like placecomm asking me to be completely transparent in all my doings
  • This is like KC asking me to stop takin pics
  • This is like naween asking me to stop blogging
  • This is like papa asking me not to do batting
  • This is like uncle asking me to stop giving global gyan
  • This is like the juniors asking me not to revolt, and listen to my seniors
  • This is like ninja (ahem!) asking me to stop biking

I could just keep on going. Btw, please do read the post of hers, it is an awesome post 🙂