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The tree in front of my room is a riot of colours, with fresh green leaves and yellow-pink flowers. You’ll find it looks beautiful, if you allocate some of your time to give it a proper look. (Found out it’s called “Persian Silk Tree”)

Tree in front of my house

I move out of campus, all over the city I see falling pink flowers on the roads (need to get an image), the roads are littered with these flowers.

I move out of the city into the rural areas, I see a new tree, and a completely amazing flower (known as Flame of the Forest)

And I know this is just the start. Once I move towards the west, my home, I know the roads are going to be lined up with – 

The blooming Gulmohars


The Golden Shower Tree 

The Frangipani

and so many more.

And yet we hardly notice them. Now I hope you do so.