Just finished the sitcom Band of Brothers a few hours ago. Its about the story of Easy Company of the US Army 101st Airborne division and their mission in WWII Europe from Operation Overlord (Normandie) through V-J Day. Compared to other war movies, this one is relatively well taken considering the large cast, and to an extent the director(s) have kept it simple, just touching various aspects of the war (Jews Concentration Camp, D-day & other wars) in a single episode without going too deep into each of the incidents.

But what was more interesting (in the final episode) is how the director displays the shift of the attitude and mindset of the Easy Company soldiers, once the war gets over. In all the previous 9 episodes, every soldier; be it a Private, or a Lieutenant or a Captain; keeps on talking and hoping about the war getting over soon. But when it actually happens, the elation & joy is short-lived. Because with the end of the war, the question on everybody’s mind is, “What Next?” All of them have become so much accomsted to this lifestyle, Easy Company has in a way become their family, their life itself.  All of them have families to go back to, their past lives waiting for them; but something is holding them back; all the wars they have fought toghether, all the death and pain they have lived through, it has bonded them together into brothers. And hence the name of the series “Band of Brothers”. Ironically, the series actually ends on a sad note, with everyone wishing he could go back and relive those war days!

Ending it on a retrospective note, I wonder if we could extrapolate it into what’s happening out here with us. Most of us are to an extent a bit bored and weary of XL life (but no-one would admit that! 🙂), in the last few weeks I have seen so many “Bored” & “Jobless” (pun un-intended) status messages. But no-one wants to leave XL, everyone just needs a break. Every single person, once he gets into that corporate life, even those with a dream job that they always wanted, each one of them is going to miss XL. And its not the college they are yearing for, neither is it the friends they had out here; its the life they lived out here.

And believe me, however much we try in the future, even if we get all 180 of us together, we can only experience a shadow of that life. But we can always relive it all in our minds.