This is regarding HP Petrol Pump in Bistupur (just before Novelty, in front of the Bistupur Post Office). This post basically deals about how the attendents at this petrol pump easily fool bikers filling petrol. Although a bit too late find for myself, it might be useful for juniors and others!

Mind you, the first part of the post is in retrospect

Scene 1 – A few weeks back, Shah and yours truly drive in my bike to fill petrol at the pump. The tank’s almost dry, we ask for 100Rs worth of petrol. The guy earlier fills in for 40 bucks. Suddenly another attendent points out the rust on the bike’s keyhole giving arbit unasked suggestions while the other guy starts filling petrol. Unaware of whether he set the counter to zero before filling the tank, we pay up and leave. (As an old habit, I set the km-reading to zero

2 days later, with the reading at 72 km, the tank’s empty. (normally my bike easily gives more than a km per rupee)


Scene 2 – Today, in a sense of deja vu, with my tank almost empty on reserve, I enter the same pump to fill petrol. I notice the  guy before me fills petrol for 20 bucks, while I ask him to fill for Rs 100. (Again) suddenly another attendant standing besides me, starts giving me some gyan about my tank. This time I keep my eyes at the pump counter. With a sheepish look, after about 10 odd seconds, the first attendant resets the counter to zero and starts filling the petrol. Then I look around for the 2nd attendant, he’s already left the scene without finishing his “gyan” 😀 😀 😀