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Those were the best years of my life” – The statement probably every Xler makes umpteen number of times, once he steps out of the campus into corporate life. And the same could be probably said for all the other mba schools passouts.

So are these really my best years? Now, envisage my scenario.

When I passed out of NIT Calicut, along with a bunch of idiots (read : close buddies), the one statement that we all swore was “Those were the best years of my life“. Some of those idiots still state the same even now! 🙂

When I had to leave Pune city (for XL) after spending three bloody awesome years (filled with an onsite trip, multiple bike & car trips across India, numerous treks & so much more), again the one thought that was going through my mind was (no points for guessing it correct! 😛)  “Those were the best years of my life”

And now, once again as I come to an end of the 2 year stint at XLRI, those same words keep on echoing in my mind.

Akhir chakkar kya hai bhai? Where exactly am I going wrong? My experiences at NITC & Pune were way different from what I have lived at XL, all with their own set of pros and cons. 

I really don’t know the answer. But I also know that in all the three situations, I was correct. Those really were the best years of my life. And I also know that I am going to repeat those words in the future. Again. And again.