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A rude, awakening shock. That’s what I got today. Just found out that some (of my batchmates) are planning to go back home, some on a trip, a lucky few are even planning to go international! And here I am still looking out for the job. 

But it’s not about the job aspect that’s giving me a shock. Oh no, its been nearly a month, while I’m still waiting for that first interview, people around me have been celebrating and doing what a premium b-school graduate should be doing in the 6th term; chillin out! Oh no, I have quite got used to that; infact nowdays I even give them company. (as the saying goes – if ya can’t beat them, join them!)

It’s the fact that the term’s coming to an end. The year’s coming to an end. With it a lifestyle that I have become used to, friends that have become part of my life, people that I will find tough to live without. It’s the fact that college’s actually getting over.

In a way, the recession has been a twin-edged sword for me. On one hand, I have hardly been able to enjoy my 6th term, the term that is supposed to make the world pay back for all the “hard work” in the last 5 terms. I have missed out on so much (refer this post), it’s like I just wasn’t there in XL the entire semester. But on the other hand, it has made me realize a few truths. Life’s not that rosy after all. I have started to know so many people in the batch, people outside my friends’ circle, people who are in a state similar to mine. And I have never been so overwhelmed by the empathy & help shown by so many of my batchmates.

But change is constant, they say. And so it is going to be once these end terms get over. Fortunately or unfortunately, having a window overlooking the cafeteria and JLT, I’m bound to notice all the goodbyes and see-offs.

I’ll start counting the days left. And my friends (still left) out here.