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Last two odd weeks I have been recieving a lot of testimonials from my batchmates. Its something I knew beforehand and was expecting, but still the beauty of reading what your friends think about you (atleast the good points ;)) is something that cannot be foreseen or pre-concieved.  Quite a few of them have remembered something so small & intricate and yet so important; something I had long forgotten about. I just can’t put it in words how happy I feel about it.

These thoughts will be with me for ever.

A vote of thanks from my side to Sumit, Nidhi, Atul, Pallavi, Subbu, Ms Grumpy, Iyer, Shabs, Omi, Raju, Devika, Ms Bijy, the E&Y lady, Joyda, Pooja, Basak, Shah, Nithya, Pari, Vamsi and last but certainly not the least important, Akshay Khhhaaakkhaaar! 🙂