In one of the many guest faculty sessions, we had a very renouned individual in the field of marketing. He starts the session quoting funny anecdotes from his past experiences in the marketing sector. One of the cases was when he was employed with Kelloggs India. The concerned person was given the task of launching the product in the rural sector in North India, especially Punjab. So as a test launch, he decides to try it on a family of sardars.

After an hour long session with the family members explaining the good aspects of the cereals, pushing forward the message how it might be a far better and more nutritious breakfast as compared to the traditional alu ke paranthas. To him it seems the message went in, they were all nodding in agreement, even the wives were listening to him with full attention. 

Till the eldest sardar speaks up. With complete sincereity and concern, he asks, “Arre bhai, ye toh sab vadiya hai. Magar ye batao, ye paranthae ke pehle khana chaiye ki baadmae?”