1. A Farewell Party organised by the Juniors with awards and all other stuff
  2. Multiple OMAXI wet-nites, each of them ending in the wee hours
  3. Early morning/half-day/full-day/inter-state BLAX trips
  4. Taxi, Theplaxi, Jmaxi, Cowbaxi and all the other state association dinners
  5. All those awesome Bodhi Tree sessions 
  6. Drac Quizzes, even those hosted by wierd quiz masters 
  7. A full fledged XL-IIMC Meet
  8. Over all, a repeat of the 6th term, but a NORMAL 6th term
  • where we are able to frax, bunk the class sessions without giving a damn about a mass bunk
  • where we could have the joy of bunking thoses sessions while heading off to dadus or just sunning out in the sun on the JLT
  • where we could see the juniors going all green with envy having to see their seniors do nothing while they go about their normal MBA life filled with classes and midterms and assignments
  • where we would see notices being put up by profs (or their secys) on the acad about the low attendances and/or the mass number of non-submissions of assignments
  • where the majority of us could just laugh at the few who already start being tensed whether they would get their “dream” jobs at the end of the semester
  • where we would see the blossoming of multiple couples, all going to each and every nook of the college, possibly making statements “…Oh isnt that the place you did this on that day…
  • where we could beat the hell out of the poor few who had the misfortune of having a birthday in the last semester; on the pretext that he would never get a birthday celebrated with all his batchmates together for a long time