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It’s the Last class; Filled with mixed feelings;

No more studyin ; No more comfort of the class;

No more last benches ;No more accountability of getting caught;

No more sneaking out ;No more unauthoried bunks;

No more gossiping via Notebooks with beautiful women and drawing the wrath of class topper;

No more CP giri ;No more choclate buying for coming late;

No more wondering how come the prof has 2 hairs (yes exactly 2, no more) in his head;

No more daydreaming about sunny cricket days;

No more wonderin why am I here, I should be paid for attending this 🙂 ;

For, from now on all of us(in some time, I’m sure) would be paid for the same 🙂 ;

Thank you XL!


Plagurism at its best. Was feeling exactly the same, but couldn’t put it in words. Prasanna put it down perrfectly. Damn, I’m gonna miss this place.