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Summer is finally here. And strangely not to many’s pleasure I find out, thanks to the multitude of winter lovers out here. But out here in Jampot, summer’s way different. Afternoons are nice and sunny, with light winds. 

Nowdays with no work, I just take out my bike and plug in my walkman phone and drive away to rural Jharkhand on highways till the evening chill starts setting in. Just yesterday I was riding away from the city on my pulsar, with no idea when I was gonna stop or where I was heading till a punctured tire stopped me, some 40 odd kms away from Jamshedpur city. But for that 3 odd hours, I just didn’t have a care in the world. People going by me probably thought me to be a nutcase, in half formals with earplugs in his ears and pushing a bike in the sun. 🙂

And the trees of Jamshedpur. You move out of the campus, you see empty roads shaded by huge trees. You venture further out towards the rural side, you start seeing beautiful colors; red, yellow, pink – all admist a green and brown background and a clear blue sky.

You feel you’r in heaven.